Thanks to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Sadly, The Glasgow School of Art suffered a fire yesterday. It is an iconic work by the famous Scottish architect/artist/designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a personal favorite of mine. The most recent updates say that the firefighters were able to save much of the building and its contents which is very good news. Mackintosh is best known for his unique take on the Art Nouveau tradition which was reflected in all of his work and gave it a very beautiful, flowing style. The Glasgow School of Art is often cited as one of the most important buildings in modern architecture.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Pink Flamingos

Long's work was often controversial because of the subject matter he chose to portray in his languid art nouveau style. He was fond of nudes and tranquil scenes. He often chose flamingos as a subject matter and this is perhaps his most stylistic version of the subject matter, where colors and curves become the focus rather than a realistic portrayal. After 1918 he concentrated on print making translating many of his most popular paintings into prints.

Beautifully New

Lady with Fan by Gustav Klimt, 1917, Private Collection.

Happy Birthday to Gustav Klimt, today would have been his 150th birthday. The Austrian Art Nouveau painter, often chose women as his subjects and also used gold leaf to further embellish and decorate his work. There is a retrospective of his artwork at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, Austria now through January 6, 2013.