A Phoenix in Saginaw

The Saginaw Art Museum in Saginaw, Michigan is a perfect example of a group of people who came together because they did not want to see another loss in a city and state that has already lost so much. I grew-up in a suburb of Flint, Michigan so I understand how hard it has been for these places to hold on in the wake of the loss of jobs, people, tax support, state support, etc. However, a group of Saginaw citizens led by a strong and generous board and a savvy leader, not only saved this museum, but brought it back promising to be much more than it was ever before. You can read about the renaissance here and if you find yourself in the Mid-Michigan area, you will definitely want to drop in. I am currently working with the museum  as a consultant to re-establish and re-open their gift shop. Our plan is to have the shop fully stocked with unique products in September.