Pink Flamingos

Long's work was often controversial because of the subject matter he chose to portray in his languid art nouveau style. He was fond of nudes and tranquil scenes. He often chose flamingos as a subject matter and this is perhaps his most stylistic version of the subject matter, where colors and curves become the focus rather than a realistic portrayal. After 1918 he concentrated on print making translating many of his most popular paintings into prints.

Color and Pattern

Conditions for Water by Karen Kunc, 2012.

Nebraska print maker Karen Kunc is featured at the Suite 200 Gallery (sponsored by Kokoon Arts Gallery) in the 78th Street Studios in Cleveland from January 18 - February 9, 2013. I first became acquainted with Kunc's work while a curatorial intern at the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha. Her work is beautiful, composed of color and shape and her printing technique of woodcut layers is masterful. I was also honored to work with her parents Ray and Ila Kunc when I ran the Joslyn Museum Shop, their jewelry combines excellent lapidary work with refined design.