YDA Consulting

Specializing in Marketing and Social Media Management for Creatives

YDA Consulting began as an off-shoot of my personal blogging and Social Media experience. An artist friend asked me to help her manage her social media and it grew from there. I specialize in social media management and marketing strategies for artists/creatives who don't have the time or desire to run it themselves, but who understand it is a very important part of how they present themselves and their work.

I have over 20 years of museum experience in the areas of retail, development and constituent/customer/donor management, let me help you.

YDA refers to my blog Your Daily Art which has had over 1,760,909 visitors and 2,548,670 page views from all over the world.


What I Can Do For You

Start and maintain a Social Media presence for you over many different platforms.


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Blogger

We can discuss Marketing strategies for events, retail outlets, galleries, etc.


Christine Mauersberger, Artist

Lusso Cosmetics

Museum of Divine Statues

Divine Statue Restoration

Wanderlust Hair Loft

Saginaw Art Museum

Gray Haus Studios

Most Recent Project:

I am going to be working with Fine Art Consulting Services, Gray Haus Studios, doing some freelance copy writing on their blog and website.  We are working together to create a consistency to their web presentation and to better reflect the range of their consultation services.


The Saginaw Art Museum has hired me to help them re-establish their Museum Shop which is scheduled to open in soon. Stay tuned for more photos and information.

Contact me:

Martha Lattie


Twitter: @YDAconsulting

Email: marthalattie@gmail.com